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Terraces step into spring 2024

This year, your terrace becomes an extension of the living room, a haven where every detail creates a symphony of textures, shapes, materials and colours

This season, the trend for blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors continues, with outdoor furniture taking its cue from the comfort and style of your living room. Here, it’s a matter of focusing on the detail; it’s the little things that count, like flowers, patio cushions, twinkling fairy lights and even a natural fibre rug for added warmth.
The trending colours seen on the catwalks and the world of fashion spill over into interiors and exteriors, making their presence very firmly felt. For spring, this translates to embracing bold palettes and throwing out the neutral rulebook. Instead, throw open the doors and invite in vibrant shades like marigold orange, bright ‘illuminating’ yellow or fuchsia pink. These are daring colour choices that need careful handling and a delicate touch but are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
Furniture becomes the focal point of gardens and outdoor living spaces. Far from blending in with the surrounding landscape, it becomes the most striking feature of the outdoor design and should stand out among the greenery, lawn, or volcanic rofe. Style-wise, two distinct options are vying for pole position. On the one hand, there are sharp and sophisticated shapes with clean lines, like square tables, classic chairs and straight-edged sofas, and on the other, there are soft and inviting curved shapes, seen in comfy armchairs and rounded sofas.
When deciding which materials to invest in, the best bet is to opt for synthetic and, where possible, biodegradable patio furniture. Plastic and resin designs are gradually replacing wood and natural fibres in many gardens as, although wood is pretty and stylish, it does not stand up to weathering well and it is often more expensive too. Plastic options are budget-friendly, while resin boasts more advanced functionalities, minimal maintenance, improved durability in all weather and a closer resemblance to natural textures. Design-wise, the quality and range of resin furniture get better and better each year, and the price tag gets closer and closer to that of wood, bamboo, and rattan. Another plus is the variety of colourways and finishes available, such as imitation rattan, stone, natural wood, and metal, in line with 2024’s latest trends.
Finally, add a touch of whimsy with upholstered pouffes. Not only do they provide extra seating, but their vibrant colours and playful shapes inject warmth, dynamism, and a youthful energy.


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