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Pet-friendly homes

Studio Ruiz-Velázquez unveiled ‘Human & Pets Positive House’ a groundbreaking habitat for people and their furry friends, at Casa Decor 2023. The 2024 edition of Spain’s biggest interior design and decoration event takes place between 11th April – 26th May at the Palacio de La Trinidad in Madrid.
This space is an innovative 27-square-metre haven with the comfort and happiness of both humans and pets in mind. Inspired by nature and the principles of flow and balance, the design does away with architectural barriers and partitions to seamlessly integrate living, sleeping, and play areas and create a sense of freedom and spaciousness.
‘Modern lifestyles are blurring the boundaries within the home,’ explains architect and designer, Isabela Ruiz-Velázquez. ‘Having separate spaces for different functions means cramming everything into a series of tiny box-like rooms no bigger than 3.5m2, resulting in living conditions that are cramped and unsuitable for humans and animals.’ This sentiment is echoed by animal behaviourist Erik Farina and three veterinary consultants who collaborated with the project.
Incorporating intelligent, functional, and sustainable textiles into the design embodies Espacio Ecoplen’s commitment to the #CasaDecorSostenible campaign, promoting sustainable living practices.
Collaborating brands: Saloni, Ecoclay, Estufamanía, Bang & Olufsen, Geberit, and Axor.


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