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Outdoor solar showers

An outdoor shower can be as sophisticated and convenient as your indoor bathroom or even more functional. Solar showers offer a viable, energy-efficient alternative without sacrificing style or comfort.

They come in various designs that would be the envy of most conventional showers. Some models even include a foot-level showerhead, perfect for reviving tired, sandy or dusty feet.

Installation is easy; they only require fixing to the ground using screws. The base size typically matches the width of the shower column, although you can opt for a broader base if you prefer.

Solar outdoor showers use solar energy to heat the water stored in their internal tank. Whether you’re a camping enthusiast seeking a portable solution or a homeowner wanting a stylish statement piece (which can cost north of €300), there’s a solar shower perfect for you. The capacity of the tank is also a key factor; a 12-litre tank should suffice for two people, while a 25-litre option is ideal for families. To ensure a comfortable showering experience, look for models equipped with a mixing valve or temperature limiter.

Water pressure is determined by the water flow rate, which, in turn, is influenced by the size of the fixed or directional showerhead. Outdoor showers are ideal for pet owners, too, offering a convenient and mess-free way to bathe furry friends outside, keeping the mud and dirt out of your home.


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