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Bella Natura at Casa Décor 2024

Featured at the 2024 edition of Casa Decor as Espacio VG Living, Virginia Gasch’s Bella Natura design showcases a relaxed, welcoming, and highly biophilic space

Inspired by the French orangeries of old, Bella Natura aims to create a relaxed, cosy, and unique atmosphere in harmony with nature. The kitchen focuses on the human connection with nature by bringing outdoor foliage inside, whilst the décor seamlessly blends Provençal influences with
eclectic touches.

Organic shapes dominate the furniture, with curves, waves, and rounded edges creating a soothing flow. Stripes and earthy elements, such as the table, add contrast, while the overall colour scheme celebrates the calming power of green in its various forms. Functional and decorative elements crafted from ceramic, brass, natural stone, iron, mirrors, fabrics, and lacquered wood complete the picture.

By way of reinforcing the space’s natural essence, the chairs, walls and ceiling structure combine with a whimsical wooden branched-shape lamp to create an ‘emotional interior design’ that provides a bubble of happiness, a sanctuary from the chaos of the outside world – an idea that has been the common thread in most of the home designs in this 2024 edition of Casa Decor.

Natural light plays a vital role in Virginia Gasch’s vision. Its strategic use creates a sense of coherence between the various elements, the lush greenery, and the natural materials, creating a unique atmosphere for a space like the kitchen, which is the heart of the home.

Bella Natura’s success wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable contributions of collaborating companies. Cupa Stone provided the stunning Verde Roma quartzite countertop and the innovative wavy backsplash.

Küppersbusch’s designer appliances add a touch of modern elegance, while Blanco supplied the stylish taps and accessories. Cocinas Río crafted the beautiful furniture, Nais provided the tiles, Misia Casamance offered the textiles, and Maison Margiela’s candles completed the sensory experience.


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