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Interiors – Neoclassical elegance reimagined

Neoclassical elegance makes its presence felt in 2024’s home décor trends, marking a return to timeless elegance with a contemporary twist

This trend is spearheaded by Belgian interior designer Jim Dierckx, whose unique interpretation of this neoclassical architectural style has placed it at the forefront of interior décor trends for 2024.

Dierckx is an interior architect based in Antwerp, Belgium, specialising in renovations and interior design for high-end residential projects. He masterfully blends classic and contemporary elements in surprising ways. He reinterprets traditional columns, friezes and cornices within modern and minimalist spaces, creating atmospheres that evoke timeless elegance with a sophisticated and fresh feel. He makes the most of a room’s natural light, views and architectural features through the clever use of warm materials and neoclassical clean lines to create simple, functional spaces in which all the elements fit together in perfect harmony.

The essence of this neoclassical revival lies in the use of classic furniture reimagined with the current preference for clean lines and neutral tones. They look especially effective when juxtaposed with pieces of contemporary art and create a versatile look that works equally well in bedrooms, dining rooms, and even living rooms.

One of the best things about this style is that you do not need a mansion to carry it off. Imagine your living room transformed into a serene, sophisticated haven bathed in natural light. Now, add subtle nods to classicism, like columns, arches, pedestals, busts, stone, ceramics and flowing curtains, being careful to maintain clean lines and avoid clutter. The goal is a luxurious yet understated space that echoes the simplicity of Scandi minimalism; restrained but not stark.

This is where the personal touch comes in. Customise your neoclassical space with a touch of the unexpected. Introduce a contemporary piece of furniture for a bolder statement or sprinkle subtle pops of colour with carefully chosen accessories like cushions, rugs, or artwork. These accents will revitalise a minimalist black-and-white palette and infuse a hint of modern dynamism into the look’s classic sophistication. This simple approach effortlessly blends timeless elegance with modern vibrancy.


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