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Atlantic style decor

Unlike the instantly recognizable vibrancy of Mediterranean interiors, the Atlantic style offers a calming blend of rustic charm and nautical flair, finding itself at home far and wide in places as diverse as Porto, Brittany, and Rhode Island.

This coastal-inspired colour palette revolves around shades of blue, from vivid cobalt to deep indigo, set against a soft off-white backdrop, not the bright white associated with the Med’. The look also incorporates light greys, sandy browns, and earthy stone tones.

Atlantic interiors embrace simplicity with natural fibres like linen and cotton in various thicknesses and textures with tablecloths, curtains, upholstery, and bed linen in chunky chenille, robust cotton, or airy linens. Classic geometric herringbone patterns and stripes are popular features, often oversized for added visual impact.

Another hallmark of Atlantic interiors is wood, with walls and ceilings painted white to maximize natural light. To accentuate the seaside vibe, horizontal or vertical wooden slats with natural, pickled, or washed finishes create the illusion that they are made of driftwood washed ashore by the tide.

When it comes to ornaments and other decorative accents, natural fibres like wicker and rattan and white or blue ceramics complete the picture, creating peaceful and relaxing spaces that echo the sea and the beach.


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