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Synthetic Wood decking

Synthetic wood outdoor decking offers the perfect combination of practicality, durability and visual appeal, making it a compelling choice for renovating or changing the outdoor flooring of your swimming pool, terrace, garden, patio, porch, attic, or balcony.
High-quality and long-lasting outdoor decking tiles and slats come in finishes that resemble the rich look of South American hardwoods like Ipe, Brazilian chestnut, Purple Heart, Brazilian walnut (Itauba) and teak. But unlike these natural wood options, synthetic decking requires no additional treatments like sanding, varnishing, or paints. That’s because synthetic outdoor decking is made from materials specifically designed to withstand the elements, from the scorching sun and summer heat to rain and winter chills, making it perfect for any outdoor space. Its eco-friendly composition blends recycled plastic resins and polymers with wood shavings, resulting in a low-maintenance solution that requires only occasional brushing.
Its texture can be smooth, grooved, or with a natural appearance, imitating the grain of wood. It can also have finishes in sand, earth, stone, and in shades of grey, wood, coffee, sand, silver, or white. Being a non-slip material, it is ideal for showers, swimming pools, and wet areas.
Leading brands like Fiberon, Arquitech, Timber Tech, Decofusta, Mosso Bambu, and Exterpark cater to your decking needs, ensuring you find the perfect style and functionality for your space.


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