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Caprese skewers

While the Caprese salad is a beloved and iconic dish, many chefs are exploring new interpretations with fresh ingredients and innovative twists

The Caprese salad, hailing from the Italian island of Capri, is a delicious, fresh combination of simple yet exquisite ingredients. It also embodies the colours of the Italian flag: red, white, and green, much like the Margherita pizza.

Recognizing the simplicity of the Caprese salad as a canvas for culinary creativity, chefs and culinary professionals are crafting innovative interpretations of this classic dish. The skewer format, in particular, offers a delightful twist, and its easy-to-eat format makes it ideal for cocktail parties, especially in miniature form.

A simple variation would be to experiment with the ingredients by adding elements like cured ham. Traditionally, Italian Prosciutto di Parma would be the ham of choice. Here in Spain, though, Iberian ham, Serrano ham, or even cooked ham are delicious alternatives. The basil can also be enhanced by infusing leaves in extra virgin olive oil.

The tomatoes are also open to interpretation. Cherry tomatoes, which come in various colours, could be used to add visual appeal and a variety of flavours to the skewers.

Other tomato varieties, such as Kumato or Raf, cut into quarters to better absorb the oil, could also be incorporated. A drizzle of Modena balsamic vinegar can further elevate the dish, as quality ingredients always make a difference.
Experimenting with cheese varieties is another option, though this may stray too far from the Caprese salad’s original flavour profile and nuances. Swapping out mozzarella for goat’s cheese, brie, or another cheese with a distinct personality can add a surprising and unique touch.



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