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New Simplicity = Eco Minimalism

Less is more as interiors become more hygienic, more sustainable, more cleaner-friendly and more avant-garde thanks to innovations in materials, surfaces and upholstery

Leading interior design events across the globe, such as Salone del Mobile in Milan, Interzum in Cologne, Casa Decor and Rebuild in Madrid and Cevisama in Valencia, have all embraced the trend for eco-minimalism and sustainable homes. However, the focus for 2024 has shifted towards the circular economy and industrial symbiosis. This means incorporating recycled materials, stain-resistant synthetic upholstery and surfaces that are both hygienic, antibacterial or antimicrobial, allowing for quick, easy and thorough cleaning.
This global interiors trend with the onus on sustainability and cleanliness has been dubbed New Simplicity: an ultra-hygiene-conscious version of minimalism. It takes the design concept of less is more and adds the ecologically friendly premise of producing as little waste as possible.
Another appeal of this design concept is that it is multi-sensory. The colour palettes of choice include colour blocking in black, dark grey anthracite or super-matt white for a visually striking effect. To add balance, these cold colours are best offset by warm, earthy tones such as browns, ochres and terracottas in fixtures and furnishings to create a calm, cosy and comfortable ambience.
Equally as important as the visual design of any interior is the haptic element. From the Greek ‘háptô’, referring to the sense of touch, haptic design caters to our inherent human desire to be tactile and stimulated,by touch, not just sight. New decorative materials tap into this need by offering a range of textures like smooth, glossy, velvety, and rugged surfaces that are all pleasant to the touch. Synthetic versions of high-quality, timeless finishes like natural wood or stone are now available, accurately reproducing the veins of marble, the grain of oak wood and the details of basalt rock, fossil stone and mother of pearl.
New Simplicity is all about incorporating textures and finishes to create unique spaces that reflect individual personality through carefully selected ornaments, furnishings and wall coverings. Tailor-made wall panels add a focal point, organic patterns and silhouettes create volume, and textures and prints used in decorative wallpaper add unmissable accent walls.
New Simplicity’s minimalism boasts exceptional quality and durability, augmented by cutting-edge technology that helps maintain hygienic and unique spaces. Advanced digital processes such as 3D printing can be used to create dust-proof, fingerprint-proof and stain-proof surfaces and even those that can be repaired using thermal healing on micro-scratches. Additionally, innovative tech enables clients to have customised images printed to suit their requirements.


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