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Liquid walls

Architecture and fashion join forces to create an innovative design concept for sensational sensory spaces. Think tank AMO, the research and creative studio of Dutch Architecture firm, OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), has designed an aluminium-clad space with slime falling from the ceiling to form liquid walls for the spring- summer 2024 menswear show of fashion giants Prada.
The venue of choice was the Deposito space at the Rem Koolhaas-designed Fondazione Prada art centre in Milan, Italy. AMO clad the walls, floor, and suspended ceiling in aluminium to create a futuristic cage-like structure for the show. The models walked between liquid walls forming two-dimensional, semi-transparent screens that 3,000 kilos of slime dripped down, forming viscous, green puddles on the floor.
The AMO design aimed to change the perception of the industrial space, adding an organic aspect that would also affect how the audience saw and interacted with the models. This was conceived as a nod to the concept behind the collection, entitled Fluid Form, which Prada described as; ‘An examination of fluid architecture around the human body.’
The show highlights how architecture and fashion enjoy shared principles of shape, proportion, materials and the human form. Collaborations such as these successfully serve to blur the lines that traditionally separate both disciplines.


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