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Garden design trends

Size doesn’t matter! Discover next year’s garden trends and create areas of beauty, balance and harmony no matter the size of your patio or plot!

Sustainability plays a vital role in modern-day gardens, whether they’re window sills, small allotments, or bucolic swathes of land. Create a wildlife ecosystem with native plants and aesthetic harmony. The ‘Slow living’ trend continues to gather momentum, calling for herbaceous and grassy plants in naturalised gardens with a nod to all things ecological. Vertical gardens remain popular in urban environments like patios or terraces using specially built living walls or natural climbers.
The popularity of white gardens is increasing. White should be the dominant colour, not only in the flowers but also in the garden ornaments. White flowers are rarely pure white; they tend to have hints of pink, blue, yellow, purple, etc. So, the idea is to play with different shades and contrasts as they complement each other beautifully.
For a harmonious garden design, mix plants with silvery foliage and soft-looking petals with large flowers. Create contrast with plants with dark green or black foliage. As they are all neutral shades, they work well together.
A fundamental concept of gardening is landscaping, and with the emerging trends of naturalism, the focus is on blending plants of different heights and volumes to create a harmonious look akin to a natural ecosystem. Bright architectural plants work well as they stand out, creating accents that make the whole landscape pop. Choose decorative plants that have eye-catching unusual foliage and exotic or patterned flowers. The key is not to overdo it, though, or else you risk upsetting the overall harmony of the garden. Bloomers with bright pink, purple, blue, red or yellow flowers are a great start.
Landscaping includes fixed elements such as paths, flower beds, garden furniture and decorative ornaments. Pergolas are particularly important as they encourage the growth of creepers, preferably with flowers.
Broken stone paths are also back in fashion. They can be made with irregular, flat edges or asymmetrical slabs. Either way, they add a natural touch and can be extended into the pool area. Finally, hanging structures work well in any garden, especially in smaller patio areas and terraces. You’ll find a range of traditional and innovative varieties available, including homemade recycled options.


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