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Atria Association, Lanzarote

Atria Lanzarote is a non-profit collective of professional women united by a shared vision: to empower and support women in their pursuit of personal and professional growth

Atria Lanzarote emerged in 2019 with a founding group of twelve women. By May 2020, this group had grown to twenty-five members, prompting the formal creation of the Atria Lanzarote Association. Within four years, it has experienced remarkable growth, boasting over fifty members and a significantly expanded reach that seeks to empower women in Lanzarote through its programs and services, including professional development opportunities, networking events, and support groups.
Concha Saavedra, president of Atria Lanzarote, describes the collective as “A very diverse group of women united by a shared purpose: to empower and uplift one another through open dialogue, active participation, and a willingness to make a positive impact on the lives of women around us. Our members represent a wide range of professional backgrounds and expertise committed to fostering our own professional growth and extending that support to other women seeking our guidance. Together, we share experiences, brainstorm solutions, and collaborate on initiatives that address crucial issues such as family reconciliation and shattering glass ceilings.”
A commitment to collaboration and cooperation underscores Atria Lanzarote’s approach towards its ambitions to extend its services. The organizational structure of the Association is designed to encourage individual contributions while taking into account the challenges women face in balancing their professional, family, and personal commitments. “Our time is valuable,” emphasizes Saavedra, “and from the very start we have been clear about our commitment to making the most of it.”
With this aim in mind, Atria Lanzarote has set up various dynamic working committees that allow members to explore and contribute their talents in a broad spectrum of areas that align with their interests and expertise. These areas of focus include Culture, Rural Women, Social Action and Sustainability, Training and Innovation, Commerce and Tourism, and Health.
As a non-profit organization, Atria Lanzarote relies on the dedication of its members, membership fees, and self-generated resources. The collective is not dependent on government subsidies. Any funding is a result of projects we’ve proposed and collaborations with members.
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