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Influencer: @unviajede2

Names: Borja Rodríguez and Paula Hernández
Profession: Borja: double degree in Advertising and PR; Paula: degree in Nursing.
Sector: Communication Social network/s.
Social networks: @unviajede2 (Instagram, Tik Tok and blog:
Born in: La Graciosa / Resident in: Lanzarote

How did you start influencing?
Borja has always loved photography. One day he decided to create an account where we could share our photos and on top of that, our friends and family would ask us for advice on our travels. So, little by little…

What do you like most about being an influencer?
We prefer to think of ourselves as ‘content creators or digital creators’. And we love that our passion for travel and photography has become such an important part of our lives and work. And, of course, having people who support us.

Do you have a large following?
We don’t keep track of how many followers we have, but we know we have the best. They have seen us grow from nothing to being able to pursue our passion as a career. We think that’s very important in social media – doing things that you genuinely love and are passionate about.

What is your relationship with Lanzarote?
After a few crazy years, we feel that Lanzarote is our place right now.

What’s next on the horizon?
We have several projects in mind that we are very excited about. We intend to keep developing our personal brand and give it our all.



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