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Santa Bárbara Castle History Museum

The Canary Islands Government Heritage Department is overseeing the project to convert Santa Bárbara Castle into a modern and dynamic 2.0 educational space

After many months of scaffolding and construction work, the 16th-century Santa Bárbara Castle opened its doors last September. Its restored but empty glory offers visitors the chance to enjoy its architecture and stunning views. However, The Teguise City Council has ambitious plans to turn this historical landmark into the Teguise History Museum.

Teguise’s Culture Councillor, Javier Villar, has confirmed this vision, which is being spearheaded by the Canary Islands Government’s Heritage Department. The upcoming museum aims to bring together the themes of immigration and pirate history previously shown in the Castle and combine them with the history of the town and its significance as the former capital of Lanzarote. ‘We want to create a modern, dynamic, and interactive space that also appeals to children,’ says Villar.

While the project was initially slated for completion in the first quarter of 2024, there have been some delays. The City Council will review the finalized plan before putting it out to tender, aiming for a launch in the first half of 2025. Funding will come from a joint effort between the regional government and the municipality, with the potential for additional support from EU heritage funds.

The ambitions for Teguise’s historical preservation extend beyond the castle walls. Plans are also underway to showcase the archaeological complex on Guanapay Mountain (actually a volcano). An interpretation centre will be built nearby, making the area even more engaging for visitors. Excavations conducted in 2021 and 2022 unearthed fascinating finds, some dating back to the pre-European era.

Prior to its recent reopening, Santa Bárbara Castle underwent a significant restoration project. The Ministry of Public Works played a crucial role, contributing a substantial portion (68.65%) of the total budget, amounting to €691,457.65.


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