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Influencer: lereide

Name: Ana Lereidi González García
Profession: Senior laboratory and winery technician
Sector: Fashion, lifestyle
Social network(s): Instagram
Born in: Lanzarote / Resident in: Lanzarote

How did you get started as an influencer?
With no grand ambitions or expectations. I’ve always liked taking photographs so I started sharing them online which led to unexpected collaborations and a growing following. I’m surprised and delighted by the way things have unfolded. For me, it’s a hobby, but for now, I plan to keep uploading photos and doing collaborations.

What do you enjoy most about being an influencer?
I like what I do, but I don’t get the feeling that I’m influencing other people. Anyway, my personality doesn’t really fit the mould of the stereotypical influencer.

Do you have many followers?
I think I’m at 34,900 and I only use Instagram.

What’s your relationship with Lanzarote?
I love it! I love my island. My village, La Tiñosa, the tide… I was away for two years and I can’t live without it – I need the beach and to feel the salt on my skin.

What’s next on the horizon for you?
For the moment, to keep things as they are. I’m a very dynamic person, always ready to embrace new things and discoveries. For sure, whatever I do will be reflected in my profile as an integral part of who I am.


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