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Javier Sosa, programmer & painter

Javier Sosa is a computer engineer, musician, and painter. He finds harmony in the logic of calculations and algorithms and his passion for colours, textures, and shapes

Enthusiasm is a word that defines Javier Sosa well. He has also been called a Renaissance man. He seamlessly weaves between the algorithms and binary codes of his profession and his passion for artistic creation. His technology journey began at the tender age of ten when a gift of a computer sparked his programming interest. His artistic side blossomed in 2015, entirely self-taught and fuelled by pure passion. Furthermore, while juggling gigabytes and colour palettes, Sosa plays musical staves on his piano, providing live soundtracks to his art exhibitions.

His artistic style explores both the abstract and the figurative, occasionally delving into realism. His recent exhibition, ‘Abstractions: Exploring the Realm of Imagination’, showcased this versatility. The ‘Marinas’ series embraced pure abstraction, inviting viewers to simply feel and connect, free from the need to understand and interpret his vision. In contrast, the ‘Landscapes’ series was more figurative and prompted reflection on humanity’s connection with nature.

“The ‘Audioguía de Canarias series’ is realistic and functional,” he explains. “The project arose from a colleague at Cicar who proposed using the CD audio guides we offer in our rental cars as inspiration. I’ve loved doing it, but contrary to what many might believe, it’s easier to paint Teide and coastlines than to create something solely from my emotions. I don’t try to represent things in my abstract work. I just feel and paint. There are no forms to discover. It’s simply about contemplating, looking inward and discovering what makes you feel.”

For Sosa, his artistic realm serves as a vital counterbalance to his digital professional life. “I pour so much passion into it that it is all-consuming.” But every language has its structure, and as codes are to computers, techniques are to painting. “I always work in acrylic on canvas treated with gesso, incorporating 3D textures with sand, craquelure, and sometimes gold leaf. I use a blend of brushwork, spatula work, and sponge application. And large-scale.”

“A handcrafted process lies behind each work. I make the frames myself and treat the canvases before ‘downloading’ my emotions.” (He laughs).


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