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Harmonious Homes

Nothing Studio’s space at Casa Decor 2021 is an exquisite example of how two domestic spaces can coexist in harmony. Meticulous planning has gone into the design to balance functionality with aesthetics so they work in unison without one overwhelming the other. And within this chosen aesthetic, light, colour and texture also play equally important roles.

The aim was to generate an elegant space in which day-to-day kitchen appliances are hidden from view. This is achieved by placing the sink inside a cupboard, for example, by storing the stools for sitting at the island-bar just behind it or by designing a curved laminated wood wall with integrated storage space. It’s the curves, in fact, that make the space so visually appealing.

Another important detail of the ‘Fifth season’ design is its timelessness. This has been achieved by combining recyclable materials and natural fabrics in textures, shapes and colours inspired by nature. These are complemented by state-of-the-art lighting and home automation systems.

This space represents the vision of its creators at Nothing Studio, Angelina Sanz and Álvaro Latorre. It’s their take on homes of the not-too-distant future in which natural materials sit comfortably alongside modern technology to create light, airy homes with soul.

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