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Barbiecore trends

Inspired by the return of Mattel’s Barbie doll from the ‘80s and the full-on media frenzy generated by the film (released last July), Barbiecore has taken interior design and decoration by storm, becoming one of this year’s most popular fashion trends.
Barbiecore is more than just the colour pink – it’s a lifestyle choice that celebrates positivity, empowerment, and the joy of being unapologetically yourself. It’s also more than wall-to-floor pink, it’s a fun nod to nostalgia that works best when you play with combining soft and vibrant shades and patterns.
You don’t have to do a complete makeover, or go overboard – you can, and should, add personal touches, and interpret Barbiecore your own way. Perhaps start by introducing smatterings of powder pink through bedding, towels and throws, in the bathroom and/or kitchen. Don’t overuse fuchsia, though, as too much is stressful to the eyes. Opt instead for pops of fuchsia-coloured furniture.
Rugs, curtains and cushions in soft pastel shades of pink are a great way to add warmth and femininity to your room or choose ornaments, such as vases, picture frames or porcelain figurines.
To create a warm and cosy atmosphere, pink lamps and LED lights are a must or design a feature wall decorated with your favourite floral wallpaper.


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