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Tropical microclimates

Glazing systems can recreate the mild, humid conditions of tropical climates, allowing you to cultivate a thriving tropical oasis in your own backyard

While the Canary Islands enjoy mild winters, they may not be warm enough to sustain some of your favourite tropical plants. The region’s dry climate, especially in the eastern islands, poses an additional challenge. However, modern glazing systems offer the perfect solution with their light but durable aluminium structures that help create a more temperate and humid microclimate within your home
or garden.
Glass curtains, crafted from tempered safety glass, are a prime example of these innovative glazing solutions. Tempered glass undergoes a special chemical or thermal treatment to enhance its strength and resistance. To prevent condensation, high-quality thermally broken profiles or thermally insulating glazing can be incorporated.
In addition to an efficient building envelope, an indoor climate control system is essential for maintaining a tropical microclimate. If you wish to replicate the conditions of a tropical rainforest, consider adding an automatic spray irrigation system to provide ample humidity. And if your greenhouse is separate from the house, why not make the most of it and build in a relaxation area?
If you enclose your terrace-patio with glass curtains, you effectively expand your living space, creating a tranquil retreat that can be enjoyed all year round. With no partitions or metal profiles to hinder your view, the tempered glass allows you to fully enjoy your surroundings and the natural light flooding in. And if the heat gets too much, air conditioning can easily be installed to regulate the temperature. An added benefit of glass curtains is that they act as a soundproofing barrier, reducing external noise by up to sixty decibels.
Tropical plants require many hours of natural light but do not fare well in direct sunlight, but glazing with adaptive shading resolves that issue. They need a stable temperature of 18º C – 24°C and plenty of water to replicate the humidity of their natural habitat, the rainforest.
African violets, with their delicate purple, red, or pink flowers and vibrant green leaves, are a beautiful addition to any tropical oasis. They thrive in bright, indirect light and bloom continuously throughout the year. Orchids, known for their elegance and beauty, prefer filtered light and should be watered with purified water. The Brazilian trunk, or Palo de Agua, is a hardy indoor plant that can reach up to six meters in height. It prefers indirect light and requires minimal watering.


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