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Apple’s first car in the pipeline

The renowned technology giant has been working on Project Titan since 2015 to develop an electric car that meets the high expectations associated with the brand

Conceiving, designing, and producing a new car model is a complex and demanding undertaking, even for established automotive manufacturers. But for a motoring industry outsider like computer giant Apple, it has meant one headache after another. The project has faced several delays, with the initial launch date for its prototype being pushed back from 2024 to 2026. Last October, an unofficial but reliable source, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst specialising in the entire Apple universe, revealed that “The Apple Car is slowing down and will arrive later than expected.”
While no official details have been announced and Apple have taken great pains to keep specs under wraps, it would seem that Apple has been busy devising several different design options with varying degrees of hi-tech solutions. There are even whispers of a partnership with automaker Hyundai.
The iCar is expected to be fully electric, with a minimalist design that embodies Apple’s signature aesthetic. It will also feature advanced autonomous driving capabilities powered by artificial intelligence and a sophisticated sensor suite capable of registering the position and movement of other road users and potential obstacles. However, Apple is reportedly placing greater emphasis on the iCar’s interior experience than on its exterior design.
One of the many delays is due to its intended level of autonomy. Initial reports suggested that the car might completely forego a steering wheel and pedals, opting for a fully autonomous driving experience. However, this concept has faced regulatory hurdles in Europe, prompting Apple to consider a hybrid system allowing drivers to switch between manual and self-driving modes. This would utilize a retractable steering wheel and pedals, enabling a seamless transition between the two modes.
In line with the Apple brand, reports point to the iCar incorporating a range of cutting-edge technologies, including a facial recognition system for opening the car, revolutionary monocell lithium iron phosphate batteries which are less likely to overheat, automatic climate control, a camera system that eliminates blind spots, a semi-transparent virtual reality screen, a windscreen that can detect cracks in the glass and a comprehensive infotainment system.


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