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Crown Cruiser e-bike

Design and cutting-edge technology come together in the CrownCruiser, a stunning e-bike from British start-up CrownCruiser Motors (2018). The retro-styled, carbon monocoque frame comes in five colour options, three designs, and eight vibrant colour choices for the side grills and 26-inch rims, allowing riders to effortlessly tailor their e-bike to reflect their unique style.
Its innovative features enhance performance and safety. Carbon handlebars and front fork beams equipped with RockShox suspension ensure a smooth, comfortable ride, a powerful 2,000-lumen LED front light illuminates the path ahead and hydraulic brakes with 180 mm discs provide exceptional stopping power.
There are two battery options – 417 Wh (36 V/11.6 Ah) and 696 Wh (48 V/14.5 Ah). The larger battery boasts an impressive maximum range of up to 160 kilometres. For added convenience, the battery is removable and accessible from the top of the frame, where a wireless mobile phone charger is also located.
Powered by a 250 W electric motor, the CrownCruiser effortlessly assists with pedalling up to 25 km/h (EU). For off-road use, the US configuration unlocks a 750 W motor that propels riders at speeds of up to 50 km/h. Transmission is handled via a Gates carbon belt. Including battery, the bike weighs in at 25 kg.
With rider safety and connectivity in mind, facial recognition safeguards against theft, while GPS positioning enables easy tracking. GSM and Bluetooth (smartphone) communication ensure seamless connection and a navigation app (Android and iOS) guides riders on their journeys. An onboard computer (autocheck) monitors the bike’s performance and provides real-time feedback. The price tag? U.S$3,150 (€2,970).


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