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Supermarine MM01- luxury hyperjet

The Supermarine MM01, handcrafted in limited production by the French company Bouvet Freres Marine, is considered the world’s most luxurious jet ski. Just thirty units will be available to buy in 2024 – fifteen in mother-of-pearl and fifteen in black, each carrying a price tag of around
500,000 euros.

Owning a Supermarine MM01 is akin to having a Ferrari in your garage. This luxurious two-seater is sculpted from carbon fibre and features exquisite details and finishes. Its 100% electric motor delivers 300 hp and propels the Bouvet MM01 to 65 knots (120.38 km/h). And its high-performance, liquid-cooled lithium batteries are derived directly from the latest Formula E standards.

This luxury two-seater watercraft exudes a James Bond 007-esque sophistication with its clean, flowing lines, its comfortable seating designed for two, a spacious 110-litre leather-trimmed boot, and a built-in champagne holder to celebrate your ride in style.

And, just like supercars, it features technological solutions that adapt the machine’s performance to the personality and driving style of each rider. In this case, the Supermarine MM01’s interchangeable paddle system has been designed and developed to allows drivers to tailor their ride to their individual handling preferences.


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