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Viva Lanzarote’s 20th Birthday

If it’s worth doing, it’s not only worth doing well but even better each time, that’s the way we see it and the ethos that underscores every edition of Viva Lanzarote and all our products

The very first issue of Viva Lanzarote was published in April 2004. Now, two decades on, everyone here at the magazine agrees there is no better way to mark Viva Lanzarote’s 20th birthday than by saying a special thank you… to all our readers for choosing Viva as your source of entertainment and information… to our advertisers, who have trusted us to publicise and promote their products and services. Your support means everything to us, and for that, we are immensely grateful.
Since launching, each edition of Viva Lanzarote has showcased the hard work of an experienced team of professionals driven by a singular vision: to continuously raise the bar and deliver a magazine that keeps getting better and better. This unwavering dedication to excellence was the rallying cry of Viva Number 1 and remains true 20 years later as we strive to keep each new magazine issue fresh, relevant, and forward-minded.
Twenty years have brought about numerous changes, and at Viva Lanzarote, our objective has consistently been to embrace these evolving realities. As new residents from diverse backgrounds made Lanzarote their home and tourist numbers surged, our island flourished with new attractions and enhancements to its numerous existing ones. In response, we’ve continuously adapted our content and style to remain current and engaging for our readers while ensuring maximum reach for our advertisers.
Other innovations over the years include becoming fully bilingual to cater to both Spanish and English-speaking audiences. To make the reading experience even more enjoyable, we’ve transitioned from an outdated A4 format to a more modern, user-friendly, and practical size that boasts enhanced print quality in every issue. Additionally, we’ve expanded our global reach by launching our website, which attracts over 250,000 monthly visits from Lanzarote, Spain, England, and Ireland.
We proudly present the wonders of Lanzarote to visitors and the wider world through our comprehensive Lanzarote Tourist Guide, packed with essential information and beautiful photos. We also showcase our deep commitment to the island’s traditions and vibrant cultural scene through our detailed What’s On Guide, giving you the lowdown on key events and diary dates across the island.
Please don’t hesitate to follow us on social media, especially on Instagram (@viva_lanzarote_revista), to stay connected and participate in our exciting giveaways.
Our heartfelt gratitude goes to everyone for making Viva Lanzarote the island’s leading magazine.


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