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Trending interiors for 2023

Materials, colours, floors, textiles, styles… Discover this year’s home décor trends and keep your home
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For the past few seasons, several styles have been riding the crest of the home décor wave, and the outlook is unlikely to change anytime soon. With its fresh, natural vibes and sheer simplicity, the Mediterranean style is gaining momentum, but industrial chic is still riding high, together with the timeless traditional look given a fresh lease of life with elegant marble details and finishings.

Natural and warm tones are still trending, especially neutral shades of greys and beiges, as they go well with all styles and blend well with other colours.

2023’s colour of the year, digital lavender, is a soft colour that fits snugly into this category. In contrast, colours such as maroon, blue or green, are set to make a powerful impression but should be used with restraint and limited to accent walls only.

This season sees flooring take centre stage with ceramic wood look and stone look floor tiles offering economic and practical alternatives to the real thing. Warm tones suit homes, while metal effect tiles, especially bronze, fit well in office and work environments to complement the industrial, metallic look.

On another note, the trend for bringing natural elements into our homes is here to stay. It’s not enough to have a potted plant about the house. Instead, incorporate botanical prints, natural fibres, textures and colours. Ramp up your love for organic materials and choose wool, cotton, pottery, velvet and ceramics to create an atmosphere that suits you, whether it’s simple and relaxing or lively and on the adventurous side. Either way, sustainable, recycled and ethical materials have never been more on-trend.

Stone is set to be 2023’s star material and will be seen on floors, sinks and worktops in the form of marble and other stone finishes in a variety of unusual shades and shapes. Stone will extend to decorative elements, too, like exotic marble, granite or soapstone slabs as centrepieces in a room, perhaps over a fireplace or as a feature wall.

For some time, arches and rounded shapes have been making their way back into interior design. On a subconscious level, we find comfort in the enveloping sensation of half-moon sofas, tulip chairs and circular rugs and, according to experts, soft round shapes can actually enhance well-being.


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