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The ball’s in your court

There are as many sports as personality types, so preferences and abilities aside, think about finding one that will help you achieve your goals and suit your character

To determine which sporting discipline(s) are most suited to your personality, first ask yourself a few questions: What does sport mean to you? Is it a road to self-improvement, or just a way to keep fit, to release stress? How’s your coordination? Do you prefer to do sport, outdoors, alone or in a group, with a trainer or without…? And what are your goals? Are you aiming to gain strength and/or flexibility, or is a 10/10 body what you’re after?

Secondly, you need to take into account things like your pain threshold and the areas of your body you want to target to strengthen, tone or get back in shape. Once you’ve got a clear outline of your objectives, needs and preferences, consider the psychological side of things which is key to making the right choice of sport.

Introverted and tidy people tend to prefer routines and repetitive exercises which suit their need to feel in control. They suit solitary weight training in the gym, series of lengths in the swimming pool and running.

Expressive people are more inclined to art and body language, so dance and dance-related activities are the most suitable for them. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, dance demands discipline, effort, flexibility and coordination.

Competitive types are best suited to sports that involve effort and an element of competition. That way, they get an adrenalin rush as they compare themselves with others and show off their prowess. They’re suited to individual or team sports like tennis, paddle tennis, football, rugby, triathlon, volleyball, basketball, handball, cross-fit, callisthenics, etc. all of which involve rankings and scores that allow them to measure themselves against others, level up and aspire to more.

Rebels need constant challenges and should try different activities such as sports gymnastics, functional training or climbing, all of which have one common denominator: being able to test their limits.

Energy junkies are high-octane and need to direct their energies into activities that help release tension through muscle movement and maximum strength. They need contact sports and adrenalin such as fighting disciplines like boxing, Thai boxing, body combat and even spinning.

At the other end of the spectrum is the intuitive personality who seeks calm, balance and harmony and likes to connect with their body and its sensations. Perfect activities are Pilates, yoga and tai chi.

Last (but not least) is the eco personality. Lovers of the outdoors who are not afraid of taking a risk or two; they suit hiking, trail running, mountain biking, motorsports, trail running, motocross, and water sports like surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wing foiling, etc.


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