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Tanit, hybrid body remodelling treatment

It is the latest in body contouring and combines BIO Sphere high technology with cutting-edge cosmetics to sculpt your exterior by stimulating from the inside, out

Based on the BIO Sphere technology platform, developed by Novasonix, Carmen Navarro Beauty Centres has added Tanit to its range of high-end treatments. It is a hybrid body contouring technique aimed at naturally stimulating and activating our internal cellular metabolism. Its Slaag 400 rotational massage system, which adds external mechanical stimulation to increase blood flow, is used in conjunction with four cosmetic treatments for superb results.

Tanit is a twofold treatment with a mechanical stimulation phase that’s carried out in the treatment room with the BIO Sphere device. This is a 100% natural targeted dermal-functional massage system that combines laser and infrared technology with Bioactive Damped Current. It is applied to the body using the revolutionary Slaag Motion head, whose forty-five spheres activate the blood system, providing greater oxygenation to the tissue to stimulate lipolytic metabolism. Its rotational movement, from the skin to the muscles, is firming, draining and its contouring action tones, eliminates localised fat, combats cellulite and generates muscle mass.

The second aspect of the Tanit experience consists of applying four Natural Balance advanced cosmetic formulas designed specifically to work with the Slaag Motion head. A bioactive formula made with pure vegetable sweet almond oil acts to enhance five essential oils carefully selected to stimulate and maximise the treatment. Clients report having a pleasant and relaxing experience that awakens the five senses, ready to receive the benefits of nature and technology combined.

Tanit involves an additional phase of treatment that is carried out at home. By applying advanced products with high concentrations of natural active ingredients, users will see a 50% improvement in results. What’s more, the effects are visible in fewer sessions and longer lasting.

Active Body is a cosmetic formula made with CBA technology and innovative nano-encapsulated active ingredients that enhance the effect of the 3D shape-in pads. Body Calming relieves muscle aches and has anti-inflammatory properties; Body Shaping reduces accumulated fat; Anti Cellulite has a reducing and lipolytic action and Body Slimming is firming.


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