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Body Detox

After the excesses and relaxation of the summer comes the rush to get back in shape. We look for miracle diets or follow certain influencers who, despite lacking specialised training, become the face of commercial detox products, helping to boost sales.

But what exactly do these miracle juices contain? The answer is usually fruit, vegetable and superfood juices. Superfoods are explained as foods that contain unique ingredients found in certain plants. This raison d’être alone would apparently justify a 100-euro price tag for just six juices.

However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that our body needs external help to cleanse itself. On the contrary, there are risks involved with taking supplements without professional supervision as they can lead to serious metabolic disorders. The fact that detox diets are, by nature, temporary is, in itself, a recipe for disaster – you make stick to it for a few days, but what happens afterwards? Well, you go back to your old unhealthy habits and ingest toxins again.

The truth is that it’s what we eat every day (sugars, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, tobacco, processed foods) that really harms us. A good diet with nutritious, good quality food is the best weapon against toxins, along with physical activity. Our liver, intestine and kidneys are designed to fight against different toxins and do not need periodic cleansing with detox juices. Ask a professional for advice; your health will thank you for it.

Leonor R. Falcon
Advanced Dietetics Technician


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