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Hera – cutting edge beauty treatment

HERA treatment, with its cutting-edge radiofrequency technology and unique application systems, delivers dramatic results on your face, body, and even
your hair

As we enter our forties, our skin starts losing elasticity, leading to sagging – a common cosmetic concern. The skin loses its ability to produce collagen, which weakens its support structure. While this is a natural process, the Hera treatment, available at Carmen Navarro Beauty Centers, offers a way to fight back and minimise its effects, targeting sagging on three levels: face, body, and hair.

Sagging affects women more than men due to the impact of menopause on the skin, causing it to lose moisture and density. Genetics can also play a role, and people who are very thin or prone to anxiety may experience sagging earlier, from the age of thirty.

Combating sagging requires a multi-pronged approach, so it’s essential to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine for optimal results. Here’s where Hera steps in. This revolutionary radiofrequency treatment delivers uniform results, penetrating from the surface layers of your skin to the deepest tissues.

Its Cell Care System uses four distinct energy delivery methods to channel power from the inside out, revealing your most radiant skin. Treatment can be combined with LPG Endermology, which helps re-densify your tissues. Combining these technologies stimulates collagen and elastin production, promoting firmer, younger-looking skin.

The latest advancements in aesthetic tools allow for highly personalised treatments with visible results from the first session. Hera’s exclusive applicator, Hebegy, combines the power of monopolar resistive radiofrequency with vacuum therapy in a single handpiece. This innovative approach enables professional practitioners to tackle even the most challenging concerns. The Smart Time system allows for high-power treatments even on the most sensitive skin, thanks to its pulsed energy delivery.Hera facial treatments offer a range of benefits that rejuvenate, increase hydration and even skin tone.

Body treatments help to reshape, reduce contour, firm and tone the body, promote drainage, diminish stretch marks, and tackle stubborn cellulite. Hera’s hair treatments increase hair density, prevent hair loss by stimulating hair growth hair and restore lost vitality and shine.

Hera is also used to hydrate and plump limps and reduce barcode lines. The eye contour is another area that can be treated by lifting eyelids and targeting under-eye bags and dark circles. Its firming action works on facial contour definition and double chin reduction.

For fast and visible results, two sessions per week for one month are recommended.


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