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Spa-bathrooms 2024

Emerging trends show bathrooms shedding their functionality and morphing into sanctuaries of well-being where décor is key to creating your personal oasis of tranquillity

Bathrooms have come a long way in recent years. They’ve become spacious, light-filled havens where design and décor go hand in hand with technology and natural elements to create an immersive wellness experience. This spring sees the concept of mindful bathrooms embrace bolder colours and natural finishes like stone and wood, complemented by handcrafted touches and exquisite details.
Just as mindful eating goes beyond mere sustenance, the modern bathroom is more than a place for simply carrying out our daily cleansing routines. It is all about self-care, pure and simple – a chance to connect with ourselves and our environment in a meaningful and pleasurable way.
The focus on mindfulness explains the growing interest in spa-like facilities in the bathroom. Whirlpool or jacuzzi baths, saunas and steam showers are now at the top of our wish lists, especially as they’re scientifically proven to help relieve allergies, lower blood pressure and improve sleep.
This shift in attitude is also reflected in the design and décor of bathrooms, with greater emphasis on connecting with a new understanding of spirituality. To soothe body and soul, expect meditative spaces with pieces inspired by ancestral beliefs and symbolism, captivating totems and sculptures, and a focus on rituals.
Nature plays a starring role in modern bathrooms with biophilic designs featuring lush greenery, calming earth tones, and sustainable materials like stone, marble, and wood. Imagine the serenity of fragrant foliage paired with elegant metal accents that bring a touch of timeless sophistication.
Sustainability is also built into every detail, waving goodbye to wasteful products that are designed for quick replacement, and instead favouring those that are built to last. Recycled materials are given priority and, in some cases, more than 50% of the materials used are recycled. Innovative technologies such as WaterForest, which can reduce water usage by up to 89%, are also employed.
Finally, the onus on functionality sees wall-hung toilets, furniture and washbasins that facilitate easy cleaning and hygiene and materials that naturally resist bacteria growth.


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