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Smart solar energy

SmartFlower offers a cutting-edge new way of generating electricity for our homes. Created by Austrian firm, Twenergy, the sunflower design is inspired by nature and boasts the world’s first smart solar panel system with all-in-one sculptural design.

Mimicking nature’s sunflowers, the Sunflower Pop opens at first light and closes at night and follows the movement of the sun in order to maximize absorption of the sun’s energy. The system is easy to install and can be up and running in just one hour. What’s more, it can be relocated without major upheaval. A single device can supply an average of 4,000 kWh/year, or up to 60% of the energy consumed in the average European home.

It uses robotics and advanced automation in its intelligent solar tracking system. It generates up to 40% more energy than traditional solar panels and shuts down in the dark. In addition, compared with conventional panels, its self-cleaning and self-cooling system reduces energy loss caused by dirt and high temperatures by 15%.

There are different models to choose from, starting with the SmartFlower Pop, with 18 m2 of panels. The SmartFlower+ includes the ability to store energy. The SmartFlower-e is specifically designed with charging electric vehicles in mind and the SF32 is a simpler, lighter model that can be disassembled and stored in its case with a simple push of a button.

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