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Seventies-inspired interiors

Winter 2024 interiors promise to give homes a retro vibe with a modern twist

If creativity is one of the key ingredients of fashion and home décor, and innovation is another, then the third element to complete the recipe for success is undoubtedly nostalgia. Hence, the resurgence of the seventies looks for winter 2024.
The 1970s witnessed a burst of creativity in interior design, with an explosion of hippie colours, flower power imagery, and colourful plastic that could be seen everywhere. However, a closer look at the mood of the decade half a century later reveals that interiors went beyond mere psychedelic or disco elements. In fact, there was a growing trend towards minimalism and pared-back looks, which was fuelled by a desire to embrace nature. It’s fascinating how this trend crept into even the most modern homes of that time.
It seemed like the seventies had two contrasting faces: one was characterized by a vibrant burst of colours and plastic that embellished every home, while the other was inclined towards simple shapes and a close association with nature.
To bring a touch of nature into your home, you can use warm, earthy tones such as terracotta and brown combined with soft colours like mustard and olive green. These colours can help create a cosy and comfortable ambience and work especially well alongside luxurious soft furnishings made of wool, velvet, faux fur, corduroy, and knits. These textured fabrics are particularly inviting and visually warm.
To achieve this 70s-inspired back-to-nature look, opt for ornaments and features in untreated wood and stone, add artisan and aged furniture pieces and plenty of indoor plants. Also, to add vibrancy without overdoing it, choose cushions, rugs, curtains and even upholstery in bold prints and geometric stripes and funky florals in deep, rich colours.
Give the retro vibe a modern twist by incorporating accents of gold, brass or copper in lamps, mirrors, and picture frames. These metallic touches add a sophisticated sheen to any room. Combine them with natural elements such as dried twigs, pinecones, dried leaves and even shells, depending on the style of your home, to create decorative arrangements that reflect the winter season.
To round off all these design tips, keep in mind two very current trends: multifunctional furniture and spaces, and sustainable materials.


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