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Sinmas Studio’s Silencio lounge

In the Silencio living room at Casa Decor, Sinmas Studio opted for thick, stippled paint to create an absorbent surface and a space to pause

At the 58th edition of Casa Decor, Sinmas Studio designed a luxurious living room called Silencio for Hager. The space was inspired by the concept of silence as a modern-day luxury, a privilege, even. The result is a room that promotes peace and quiet and offers the mental and physical space to reconnect with your inner self.
To achieve this, thick, stippled paint was used to create a lumpy-bumpy surface on the ceiling and walls. This textured effect envelops the room, absorbing all the surrounding noise, and allowing time to pause and rest.

Photos: Nacho Uribesalazar. Casa Decor.

The paint is from a custom range made especially for Sinmas Studio by Panespol Textures. This bobbly finish is offset by soft, rounded furnishings from Jannelli & Volpi. Gold accents are used sparingly to lend the room a subtle sophistication. Electrical installations are the creation of Hager, and other firms collaborating in the design include Lladró, The Masie, Saloni, Natuzzi Italia and Dr. Vranjes Firenze. The use of sustainable and recyclable materials sourced from local companies (Km0) is all in keeping with the #CasaDecorSostenible campaign.
In the silent setting of this living and dining room, the idea of relaxation and modern luxury sit side by side, with the onus on comfort for the room’s users. The curved lines and natural finishes of the sofa, side tables and coffee table help create a welcoming environment, whilst the gold details represent the joy and excitement of taking on new challenges.
Subtle, indirect lighting enhances the enveloping sensation in the room. Nature is the inspiration behind the central light fitting, echoed by the aromas wafting from the diffusers, allowing us to relax and enjoy
the silence.


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