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Prevent muscle cramps

Cramping is the most common type of muscle injury and is not always due to overexertion. It is defined as a sustained and involuntary muscle contraction, which causes decreased blood supply, a build-up of toxins, inflammation and, consequently, pain.

Often, muscle strain can be put down to consistently poor posture, stress, and anxiety. Treatment is not too difficult but can be painful, so it’s far better to take a preventative approach. Practice healthy eating habits, keep an eye on your posture, improve flexibility, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and avoid stress.

Make sure you warm up before doing physical exercise and cool down afterwards by stretching and resting the muscles to allow them to return to their original state. It’s also important to build up the load and intensity of physical activity gradually. Stretch for two or three minutes every two hours and avoid overexertion, both in terms of too much and for too long.

Muscle cramps are also thought to be connected to emotional issues. Neck pain, for example, is related to dealing with a lot of responsibility; pain in the mid-back lats region is down to fear, and in the lumbar region, frustration is the culprit. Relaxation techniques go a long way towards minimising the risk of cramps and sprains, especially in your back.


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