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Tattoo removal with Q-Switch

Q-Switch treatment breaks down the ink with micro laser pulses, progressively erasing the tattoo without damaging the skin or leaving scars

Tattoos are designed to last a lifetime, but over the years, we evolve, change, and the centre of your universe today may not resonate quite the same way in 30 years’ time. Another reason to fall out of love with your tattoo is that it might have deteriorated over the years, fading, blurring or even becoming misshapen as your skin starts to sag with age. Whatever the reason, up until recently, tattoo removal has been a tricky, drawn-out, and costly procedure with mediocre results at best. Now, that has all changed!

Elite Master Q-Switched laser treatment is the most effective method for removing tattoos of various colours and is available at Carmen Navarro Beauty Centres in Lanzarote. Q-Switched acts only on the tattooed pigments, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Depending on the needs of each client, the intensity of the treatment decreases over four or five sessions until it has disappeared completely, leaving a natural result without scarring.

The ink particles absorb the laser light and break down into tiny fragments collected and eliminated by the body through its lymphatic system and epidermis. Q-Switched is a maximum precision treatment with adjustable energy and wavelength parameters that are calibrated down to the last millimetre to tackle different ink colours and skin types. For this reason, it must be applied by a qualified professional and specialist in the field.

In the case of black and dark shades, the laser’s intensity and fluency work to remove the ink more quickly, so fewer sessions are required. Other tones, such as red, orange, green, etc. require specific laser wavelengths and can take longer, and light blue colours are the most resistant.

Exactly how long the treatment will take is assessed by a specialist and will depend on several factors, like the location of the tattoo, its age, how much ink was used, how deep it is, the colours and your skin type. Q-Switched also removes permanent make-up, micro pigmentation or microblading used on eyebrows and lips which can usually be erased in less time because they are more superficial.


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