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Personal, dynamic… Aesthetic

Aesthetic style is the latest buzzword in homes and fashion pages, a trend that embraces different styles and a personal take on beauty and taste. It emerged from a Tumblr movement where users started mixing art, nature and vintage style in a look that’s all about being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Its influence has extended from fashion to music, hairstyles, home décor and even photo filters on your phone.

Introducing Aesthetic style into your life and home is all about maximising the beauty and harmony of your rooms in line with your personal sense of style. You have creative licence to mix up modern and vintage and go with your
own flow.

The result is an eclectic blend of everything you love in every corner of the house. Combine art and nature and embrace nostalgic chic. Dust off your record player and display your vinyl collection. Dig out that old chest, it’s probably a treasure. Strew fluffy puffs here and there and hang plants, vintage mirrors, black and white or sepia photographs and old posters. Play with materials, textures and colours, too – anything that creates a pleasant and beautiful space. Colour can be integrated via wall coverings, soft furnishings and decorative pieces. Experiment. White, beige and cream create open, airy spaces and pastel shades of sky blue, pink, lilac, and green bring a smile to your Aesthetic home.


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