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The earth’s energy on the island of volcanoes attracts therapists from numerous disciplines focusing on body, mind and spirit. So many, in fact, that this could be considered a type of tourism in its own right

A holistic approach comprises the notion of reality as one interconnected whole, rather than a sum of its component parts. In this way, we human beings are a combination of mind, body and spirit working together in harmony. This is the aim, at least. And to this end, many ancient Eastern cultures incorporate techniques and therapies into their philosophies that aim to achieve balance and harmony.

Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape and natural energy have long attracted therapists from all over the world and from varied holistic disciplines. So many, in fact, that the range of holistic services offered on the island could be grouped together and considered a category of tourism in its own right.

One of these categories is accommodation+holistic, which combines accommodation plus wellness activities such as spas and massages; holistic therapies like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, tai chi, and others; plus, excursions to volcanic landscapes. This is available at Hotel Sandos Atlantic Gardens Ocean & Volcano Experience. And Sweat Lodge Lanzarote, but as part of its premium packages like its Holistic Active Regeneration Programme. Casa Rural Kalindi offers a more affordable option with accommodation, yoga, and retreat included.

Another way of benefitting from holistic therapy is through one-off treatments or as part of a retreat programme. These are offered by therapists who rent suitable spaces where they can personally provide therapy themselves or bring specialists from overseas. This is an option that particularly appeals to an international clientele.

Many excellent freelance therapists are working on the island, such as Natalia Palacios, Beverly Philip, Amano Stefan, Nabila Welk and Natalylla Kiristi and centres offering treatments and therapy in rural houses like Amatista, Tisalaya or Seminarzentrum Namasté in Mala, which offer their own accommodation or a wide choice of rental properties.

Several centres on Lanzarote do not provide accommodation but specialise in offering a variety of holistic therapies for residents and visitors alike: Mundo Armonía, Yoga and Acroyoga Retreat Lanzarote, Centro Holístico Alborada, Turya Centro del Alma Lanzarote, Espacio Airearte, Kin-Jo-Do Lanzarote; Ave Fénix Ecological Wellness Centre, El Alquimista Herbalist and Therapy Centre, Anasana Lanzarote, Mantra Centro Holístico, or Amatista Retreat Centre, among others.

Also worthy of mention are places like Casa de Bhavana Lanzarote, a non-profit organisation that practices and teaches Buddhist meditation and mindfulness and organises retreats. Or companies currently being set up, like Milena Cicatiello’s, which will offer therapies and retreats in rural houses and spaces rented on demand for overseas participants, especially those from Italy.

As well as experiencing these disciplines at different depths, you can also train as a therapist on Lanzarote. Academia Anahatala Lanzarote offers specialised training and various therapies. Furthermore, Alan Dolan offers the Breathguru Retreat and the Conscious Breathing Facilitator Training and Mentoring course.


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