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Kinfolk in a nutshell

Kinfolk is an interior design style that’s emerged from the United States and is inspired by the back-to-basics lifestyle of the Amish community. Kinfolk style combines simple details to a achieve modern classic look. It typically features, neutral colours, natural materials and stone, leather or wooden surfaces. Weathered and vintage elements are highly valued for their natural well-worn beauty.

The walls in kinfolk-inspired homes are either painted in a neutral colour, or hand-plastered with a natural finish. They provide the perfect subtle backdrop for specially selected pieces of designer furniture, traditional art objects and personal paintings. Handcrafted fabrics, linen or cotton, as well as sustainable and fair trade textiles are also a must.

The colour palette typically echoes earth and nature with its white, beige, sandy colours and brown tones. Small bursts of green, grey and black might be added for a touch of colour and contrast. Flooring is designed to create a feeling of space and relaxation by using wood, stone, cork, terracotta tiles or light oak or honey-coloured parquet.

When it comes to furniture, Kinfolk styling is all about ‘less is more’ in order to create fewer distractions and create a calming atmosphere. When it comes to furnishings and ornaments, Kinfolk sees everyday objects as designer pieces and collector’s items.

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