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Prefabricated pools, made of polyester, fibreglass, steel or prefabricated concrete offer a simpler and more economical alternative to bespoke concrete pools

Available in different materials and sizes, prefabricated pools have made owning a private pool more attainable for us all. They are more economical than bespoke pools, quicker and easier to install and cheaper to run, making them ideal for family villas and bungalows.

With so many options on the market, the total cost of a prefabricated pool will depend on size, model, accessories and material. Taking these factors into account, prices can range from 500 to 5,000 euros, that’s a 10% – 20% saving on customized concrete pools.

Another saving is in installation time – compared to the lengthy and costly process of having a concrete pool built, a prefabricated polyester pool can be fitted in a matter of five to six days.

Polyester is a plastic resin that is highly resistant to humidity and chemical products. These properties make it widely sought after in the textile industry and in bottle and pipe manufacturing. Prefabricated polyester pools have a reputation for being one of the most reliable alternatives. Customers benefit from a high quality product with lower manufacturing costs, quick and clean installation, a reinforced fibreglass shell and great durability that can be enhanced with a layer of gelcoat (an enamel coating that colours the polyester).

More advantages include their super smooth algae-resistant surface; the fact that they can remain empty for long periods; their ability to withstand high pressure without the risk of cracking; the ease with which repairs can be carried out on the shell using the same material and also the possibility of having them relocated.

Whether made with polyester, PVC, fibreglass or resin, prefabricated pools are created from pre-designed moulds, so you’re limited to the established shapes and sizes. Even so, there are many designs, shapes, colours and sizes to choose from.

Another possible downside is the size constraint of having to transport the pool to its new home. At present, prefabricated pools are not manufactured larger than 10.75 metres long, 4.15 metres wide and 2.10 metres deep. Having said that, these dimensions are plenty big enough for a medium-sized family home.

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