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Interior décor trends 2023

Multipurpose spaces, contemporary classics & artisan alongside home automation and much more… Let’s delve into the shape of homes to come in 2023

There are two schools of thought when it comes to interior designs in 2023; the Italian and the Danish. Their influences either inspire a general feel or an entire design… Certainly, that’s the take-home from the annual showcase for home interiors, Casa Decor 2022. Raúl Martins represented the Italian Trade Agency with a warm colour palette, earthy textures and natural elements that flowed in harmony. Conversely, Danish Design’s Erico Navazo presented an eclectic and sophisticated space integrating Nordic style with ethnic touches.

Design pundits also forecast the re-emergence of contemporary classic style. This year, however, it has a modern twist and is paired with elements of slow design and artisan décor. In 2023, spaces are multifunctional and fitted with home automation technology that works at the touch of a button but is discreetly hidden away.

Tendencias decoración 2023
Photos: Casa Decor 2022

In urban settings, where every square metre is gold dust, home décor in small spaces is an art form. Small homes need to be spacious and multipurpose, like the suite exhibited in Estudio Muher’s space. Multifunctional furniture is another must, like The Room Studio’s ‘The last dance’ space which uses natural materials such as clay mortar fitted with the convenience of home automation. ‘Technogym’, by Miriam Alía Studio, offered a living room as a sensory refuge filled with natural light and warm orange tones.

Bathrooms and kitchens are not to be ignored either. Bathroom fittings are no longer hidden. Instead, they become the focus of attention with innovative designs that integrate seamlessly into spaces designed to promote relaxation and well-being. Look at InspiraciOHM 180º by Strohm Teka, designed by Espejo & Goyanes or Lé Interior Design, by Leonela Rivas.

Kitchens, meanwhile, are the centre of operations in the home, as the hub of any number of activities throughout the day and night. Functionality, sustainability and state-of-the-art appliances are key to creating beautiful inclusive spaces.

If walls could talk, they’d be asking for colours, textures and coverings to help make them pop and take their rightful place as essential to a room’s design. Look at Patricia Busto’s Bathco space for inspiration.


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