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Giancarlo Molinari

‘I’ve always liked to change, explore and experiment with new things’

After living in Lanzarote for fourteen years, painter and creative photographer, Giancarlo Molinari, returned to Italy back in 2010. Since then he has been living in his hometown of Verona, ‘happy and surrounded by beauty, and longstanding friends. I have a new partner, I’m still creating… I can’t complain (laughs).’

His return was, in his own words, ‘pleasant and laid-back. He continues to paint and push the boundaries of creative photography, taking part in various exhibitions including a group exhibition this coming May. ‘I am now working with an international art dealer who has a very dynamic and innovative way of working,’ he says.

‘I have more time nowadays and can spend most of the day in my studio. But not necessarily painting, more like experimenting, trying out new things, in various styles, even mixing styles. I’ve always liked to change, explore and experiment with new things… That desire, that yearning to discover new things, places and sensations is what drives me, it’s invigorating. If you stand still in life, you die.’

‘In Italy,’ he says, ‘there is not as much enthusiasm towards painting as in Lanzarote because there’s the ever-present shadow of living up to the past Masters, like Boticelli, Raphael and Michelangelo. So I’m working more on experimental photography and collage,’ he concludes.

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