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Frozen ice cream desserts 2023

Ice cream reigns in the summertime, and when you combine it with cake, biscuits, and other goodies, you have a delicious treat designed to delight!

Frozen ice cream desserts have come a long way since that certain layered vanilla and chocolate log of the 80s (if you know, you know!). Ice cream cakes are the latest sweet treat to get a makeover and are set to claim plenty of freezer space this summer. Now, they come in all shapes, sizes, textures and flavour combinations and are topped off with a wide range of sophisticated syrups and crunchy toppings.

Several lines are vying for your attention this summer: one is vegan ice cream desserts served in a variety of flavours and textures. Made with plant-based milk like soya, hazelnut, almond, oat, and pea proteins, they are a healthy treat, which means there’s no need to sacrifice taste or pleasure. Flavours include chocolate, lemon sorbet, banana and peanut, almond and salted caramel, sour cherry sorbet, biscuits and vanilla ice cream, fruits of the forest and mascarpone cheese, coconut with mango or passion fruit ice cream and crunchy white chocolate.

In contrast to these oh-so-healthy plant-based, low-calorie ice creams, this summer’s star trend is all about indulgence with ice creams inspired by patisserie pleasures and treating yourself. Their luxury-sounding flavour combos, incredible textures and designs deliberately look far too good to resist. There’s no need to worry about sharing! Many all-new sophisticated frozen delights now come in individual-sized portions for 1!

Water or juice-based ice creams will remain the preserve of kids’ lollies and sorbets or form the basis of more complex, dairy-based creations.

Midway on the scale between healthy and self-indulgent are ice cream treats designed as snacks. Honestly, though, they are more in line with high-calorie treats, designed for a time-out moment of sheer pleasure in an otherwise healthy and balanced diet.

Naughty but nice frozen offerings being served up are popcorn covered in caramel ice cream, dipped in salted caramel sauce and topped with chocolate and caramelised corn; peanut butter ice cream with chocolate, crunchy peanuts and caramel; Nutella chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and caramelised peanuts. The list is as endless as the human imagination is ingenious at coming up with tempting frozen treats.


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