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Refreshing summer wines

Just as trends apply to fashion, in the world of wine right now, there is a trend towards lighter, more easy-to-drink wines

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, our palates crave light and refreshing wines. This is where young white, rosé, or red wines come in; the perfect drink for sunny days and balmy nights.

These vibrant and fresh young wines typically boast a delightful array of primary aromas and flavours, such as fruits and flowers. They are fermented in stainless steel tanks and bottled for immediate consumption. They tend to be light-bodied with a good and refreshing acidity that makes them ideal for enjoying in the hot weather.

Mirroring our shift in appetite towards lighter, less filling meals in the summer heat, our taste in wine follows suit. Sales of unoaked, unaged white, rosé, and red wines skyrocket during this season. White wines mainly boast citrusy, floral aromas with notes of orange blossom or jasmine. Rosé wines are paler and have notes of red fruits and liquorice. Young red wines, on the other hand, treat your nose and palate to a symphony of red and black fruits intertwined with floral notes like violet.

Young wines are very versatile when it comes to food pairing. Their lower tannin content and lack of secondary or tertiary aromas make them ideal companions for a wide range of lighter dishes favoured during the hottest months of the year.
Lanzarote boasts unique pre-phylloxera grape varieties found nowhere else on Earth. These grapes are the secret behind their exceptional young wines – white, rosé, and red – some with a natural sparkle, perfect for summer days.

Of course, although these wines are young and easy to drink, it doesn’t mean they are not delicious or of excellent quality.

Pedro J. Benasco Curbelo
D.O. Vinos de Lanzarote Tasting Committee


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