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Electric scooters – latest generation

Changes are around the corner for electric scooters as of January 2024. New rules will come into effect in the new year affecting scooter riders in Spain. All makes and models of electric scooters and other personal mobility vehicles (PMVs) must be in compliance with new regulations published by the DGT, Spain’s traffic department, to legally circulate. A moratorium will be granted to allow non-certified scooters until January 2027. Under the new legislation, all scooters must carry a visible factory certification plate with the vehicle’s details, such as serial number, certificate number, make, model and year of manufacture.
A specific scooter MOT will be introduced to certify that they meet the technical requirements. Insurance companies will have to modify policies as cover will become mandatory for these vehicles.
In anticipation of the new regulations, Segway-Ninebot, the world leader in electric urban mobility, has launched three new lines of scooters that comply with the new Spanish legislation: the MAX G2, F2 and E2 series.
The MAX G2 has a maximum power of 900W, which allows it to climb slopes of 22%; rear-wheel drive and a range of up to 70 km; dual hydraulic suspension front and rear; wider handlebars with integrated indicators, traction control system (TCS) and anti-theft alarm. The MAX G2 and F2 series also integrate the ‘Find by Apple’ function (App), which makes it easy to locate the scooter if necessary.


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