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De Tomaso P72, the panther is reborn

Italian firm De Tomaso is back with the P72. A 700 hp classically inspired supercar with a limited-edition rollout of just seventy-two units

In this period of transition from heat engines to electric motors, some elite firms want to give their last hurrah by launching super chic, super high performance and super limited edition supercars. This is the case with the Italian brand De Tomaso. In 1964, the P70 Pantera was born in collaboration with Carroll Shelby. This was followed in the 1970s by the development of the Mangusta, also with Shelby, named after the mongoose, the only animal capable of giving a cobra a run for its money. In 2019, the prototype of the De Tomaso P72 was presented and the first of only seventy-two to be produced will be delivered in 2023. Prices start at 750,000 euros, before tax.

De Tomaso P72

En 2019 se presentó el prototipo del De Tomaso P72 y este 2023 se entregarán los primeros de los setenta y dos previstos. Su precio arranca en 750.000 euros.

Designed by Jowyn Wong, design director of De Tomaso Automobili and Apollo Automobili, the P72 is inspired by the De Tomaso P70 Pantera. It looks like a pure and perfect reinterpretation of 1960s designs, with cambered wheel arches and rounded shapes with large air inlets and outlets for improved aerodynamics. It also stands out for the luxury detailing in the cabin, where leather shares the limelight with carbon fibre and the copper finishes of the clocks, gear lever and door handles.

De Tomaso P72

The engine is true to concept, with a Ford-sourced 5.0 V8 Turbo ‘Coyote’ engine block. Roush Performance has upgraded it with a Roots supercharger to deliver 700 bhp and 813 Nm of peak torque paired to a six-speed manual gearbox. No acceleration or top-speed figures have been released yet. It will be assembled near the legendary Nürburgring circuit in Germany.

Built on a completely new carbon fibre monocoque chassis, it gains centimetres of interior comfort over the prototype unveiled in 2019. The suspension geometry significantly reduces the P72’s centre of gravity (COG) and increases safety by guaranteeing safety parameters and certification by the FIA (International Automobile Federation), the body responsible for Formula 1, the World Rally Championship and NASCAR in the USA.


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