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Cryoback body sclupting treatment

The perfect shock treatment based on ‘high contrast’ combines intense cold with electrostimulation and achieves spectacular results in just a few sessions

The combination of intense cold and electrostimulation is combined in a state-of-the-art technological device with which a revolutionary aesthetic treatment is applied and developed: Cryoback. The sum of these two effects makes the deep muscles intervene to obtain spectacular results in just a few sessions. And it has been brought to Spain by Carmen Navarro Beauty Centres.

Cryoback, developed by the French firm Winback, is a slimming treatment that allows targeted weight loss. It improves the silhouette and eliminates cellulite and other imperfections, tones deeply, protects and firms the skin and stimulates microcirculation. As facial therapy, it also regenerates and improves skin texture. The treatment, based on cryolipolysis, is completely painless and non-invasive.

Its operation recreates the benefits of a contrast bath. The Cryo Contrast programme, which alternates between high and low temperatures, from 40°C to -5°C, more effectively eliminates toxins and accelerates the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the tissues. Electrotherapy ensures that the cold sensation is much more comfortable and, at the same time, boosts calorie consumption.

The Cryoback unit has four or eight independently adjustable pads, allowing two people to work simultaneously or several muscle groups of the same person: abdominal belt, gluteus, quadriceps, etc. By means of three commands: Press, Push In and Push Back, a double slimming effect is achieved. Muscle activation causes extreme contractions that challenge the muscles to the maximum and they respond by adapting and toning up.

A one-hour treatment, for example, focusing on the abdominal muscles is equivalent to doing more than seven thousand sit-ups or squats. In other words, it achieves intensive toning in total comfort.

Calorie burning starts and toning improves from the very first session. In just four to six sessions, you can lose between three and six centimetres around your waist. Of course, success is conditional on a healthy diet and regular exercise.


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