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Ballet Fit – Dance your way to fitness

Ballet Fit has taken the USA, the UK, Brazil and Argentina by storm and is a favourite among celebrities. It fuses classical dance techniques with fitness to mould your body into shape

The 55-minute sessions work on strength, coordination, toning, balance and flexibility. The whole body is put to work with a series of cardiovascular exercises set to piano music, building to a more intense finale carried out against a soundtrack of current musical hits.

This is Ballet Fit. A combination of dance, yoga and Pilates, promoted in Spain by Canarian dancer Gloria Morales (@atacadas). It has already caught the imaginations of celebrities, such as Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr and pop stars like Taylor Swift. And it could just be the exercise regime you’ve been waiting for to help you actually enjoy the process of getting your body into shape.

Ballet Fit takes the best of Pilates to achieve a strong, graceful and balanced body. It improves elasticity and flexibility, tones muscles and sculpts your body in a series of elegant movements that help fine tune the body’s balance and poise, as it does for ballet dancers. In addition, its focus on abdominal work helps realign your spine and correct your posture. The end result is a flat abdomen and all-over flexibility.

Luckily, you don’t need to have the physique of Nureyez, Nacho Duato or Maya Plisetskaya, let alone their knowledge of classical ballet, to get started with Ballet Fit. It is suitable for all ages, sexes and levels of physical fitness. Its range of programmes adapts to different needs, even for pregnant women.

Although it might seem at odds with the needs of triathletes and runners, Ballet Fit works well for them and lovers of cross-fit as it works on flexibility and improves muscle performance. It also prevents injuries and is a perfect recovery exercise as it helps oxygenate the muscles and reduce overloading.

And… all without having to wear a tutu! You won’t need any special clothing, just comfortable clothes that fit your body. Nor do you need special footwear. You can do it barefoot, in cotton socks or ballet shoes (as long as they’re made of fabric).


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