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Christmas colour schemes for 2023

Trending Christmas decorations for 2023 focus on colour

Every year, new trends emerge suggesting the latest ways to create winter wonderlands at Christmas. The tree, Nativity scene, decorations, lights etc. are all the subject of makeovers, but this year, it’s all about colour! The rest is up to your imagination and sense of taste.
Whilst traditional festive colours include reds and greens, metallics like silver and gold, and, to a lesser extent, bronze and copper, the pointer for this year is the use of one single colour with sprinklings of a secondary colour in a smattering of details.
If you favour Scandi-style decor, blue and silvery metallics is a winning combo’ that’s beautiful with a traditional green tree but even better with a white one. Keep to silver and blue baubles, ornaments, ribbons, garlands or tinsel and try blue lights. Play with different shades of blue, and try adding touches of gold with the silver. Be careful, though, because even though the look is chic and understated, it can come across as overly icy and unwelcoming.
Classic gold takes on a whole new dimension if used solo – Using nothing but gold in all decorations and ornaments makes for a luxe, warm ambience and works best in a rustic setting contrasted with natural wood, pine cones, ribbons and bows in natural fabrics. If you’re worried it might be too overpowering, break it up with other metallics like silver, copper or bronze.
Away from the glamour of glitzy gold, there’s the wonder of wood, which pairs perfectly with white. All tones and finishes of natural wood provide a homely warmth and handcrafted touch that has triumphed in recent years and will continue to do so in 2023.
Although white is nothing new in Christmas decorations, even for trees, this year’s trend is all about the total white look. All shades of white, from off-white through eggshell, ivory, cream and pearl, look festive, especially combined with metallic, preferably silver ornaments.
If you want to break the mould and elevate your yuletide decor, choose purple for a bold, dramatic look. With its broad spectrum of shades, it effortlessly complements white, green and metallics for a sophisticated look. It’s so versatile that it even works well with Scandi blues. Purple also hits the mark in ornaments and accessories like candles, baskets and other pieces if you’re after a touch of elegance. Dustings of pale pink and gold make splendid finishing touches.


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