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Christian Honnerkamp artist

Lanzarote and I – 30 years of fascination, inspiration, and curiosity

German-born fashion designer, TV and theatre costume designer and artist Christian Honerkamp fell in love with the island 30 years ago and has been here honing his craft ever since…

Lanzarote came into your life and stayed. How come?
The idea was to try it out and work here as an artist for one year – well, that turned into 30 happy years of island life. The volcanoes and the sea never cease to inspire, stimulate, and challenge my creativity. I am very grateful to this island for its energy.

You have a very particular personal style. Are you still looking for new and different forms of artistic expression?
Yes, my art lives and evolves within me. I have developed most of my own techniques, which I share with other artists. The ink-on-cardboard technique is one that’s been particularly close to my heart for more than 30 years. I’ve used it in my paintings of volcanoes and the sea, and also in my flaming hearts that I exhibited in Teguise Monastery a few years ago. My new work with wood and scrap metal gives me a wonderful sense of peace and keeps all my senses alive and kicking.

The ocean, hearts, lava, angel wings…Your work is intense, dynamic, and screams for attention.
Lava and the ocean depths are still subjects that are close to my heart because they are inextricably linked to life on Lanzarote. Each picture is born out of special and very personal moments and forces created by this island. Light, clouds, wind and waves create melancholic and emotional moods that are brought to life through colour and form in my paintings.

Colour and energy battle it out in all your work. Are they also about romance, spirituality, memory, and desire…?
I express moods, feelings and thoughts through colour and form. I invite an emotional response and hope to move people. When one of my paintings and a person meet, it sparks new energies, and I find great happiness in these encounters.

How long have you had the studio in Tinguaton?
Since 2000. My studio in Tinguatón is a special, spacious and open place to live and work. Being on this island makes me very happy. It’s such an inspiring place.

And you design clothes and jewellery, too…
I have been making a living designing jewellery since I was a student. I love beautiful things and am happy when unique pieces, like my bracelets or necklaces made of different materials, find a home with someone who loves and enjoys them.


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