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Canarian sweets – turrón

Canarian turrón is a homemade sweet sold in shops all year round and is a typical feature at festivals and Christmas celebrations. Not to be confused with the Argentinian alfajor biscuit made with caramelized condensed milk (dulce de leche), Canarian turrón boasts a delightfully unique taste and texture.
You can find lots of different varieties throughout the Canary Islands. The most common is the almond turrón, which consists of toasted almonds in a chewy caramel filling sandwiched between two wafers moulded into a round shape with a paper wrapper on the outside.
As well as the almond variety, other popular flavours include the ground almond turrón, which gives it a different, fudgy texture; sugar turrón, made without palm or cane honey but flavoured with a choice of cinnamon, aniseed or grated lemon.
Canarian gofio turrón is very special. It combines the flavour of the gofio, the toasted ground cornflour, with that of the almonds, spices and sweetness. It’s made in a hot cauldron, so there is no need to bake it. The mixture is poured onto waxed paper and left to cool.


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