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Aquafitness makes a splash!

Aqua Aerobics and Aqua Zumba are ideal physical activities for the summer – they’re healthy, fun, and a great way to meet new friends!

What better way to keep fit and keep cool at the same time? Aqua Aerobics is a series of low to medium-difficulty exercises done in the comfort of a swimming pool at chest height. Movements are made easier thanks to the semi-weightlessness afforded by the water, yet more effective as the water resistance activates your muscles. The exercises are usually accompanied by background music that sets the pace of the class.

The many benefits of exercising in water include the fact that it supports your body weight and puts less stress on your joints. It provides a thorough workout for all muscle groups and helps weight loss, too. It also improves lung capacity, circulation and coordination. At the same time it helps regulate blood pressure, boost your immune system and correct posture, especially in the lumbar and neck regions.

Depending on the level and pace of the instructor, the routine can range from challenging to gentle and relaxing. This variety makes it suitable for older people, children, pregnant women as well as young people who are already pretty fit. Whichever level you choose, a water workout is a wonderful way to switch off and de-stress. Being a group activity, it encourages social interaction and offers the chance to meet people, make friends and even flirt.

Classes usually begin with a warm-up, followed by a series of exercises using equipment such as balls, steps, flippers, gloves, weight bags, etc. These liven up the sessions, making them even more fun. After the intense section, you’ll enter the cool down phase as you bring your heart rate down and gradually relax your muscles.

In some cases, Aqua Aerobics is not recommended, so it’s important to check with the instructor before signing up.

Another physical activity perfect for summer is Aqua Zumba. Like Aqua Aerobics, it takes place in a relatively shallow pool with a group of others but instead of following an exercise routine, you’re dancing a choreography set to music. Latin music is a popular go-to as it exudes vitality and joy and is easily adapted to simple or more complicated routines that work well in water. Aqua Zumba came to the fore in the 1990s thanks to Columbian choreographer and Shakira’s backup dancer, Alberto Pérez, known as Beto. Not only does it share the same benefits as Aqua Aerobics, but it’s also a great way to build up to more intense water exercise. You can also take the choreos from the pool to the dance floor!

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